Kommentarij k Principam JaIEh Ramkam obespechenija bezopasnogo ispol'zovanija JaIEh

Hobe, Stephan; Schmidt-Tedd, Bernhard; Schrogl, Kai (Hrsg.)

Kommentarij k Principam JaIEh Ramkam obespechenija bezopasnogo ispol'zovanija JaIEh

Kjol'nskij kommentarij k kosmicheskomu pravu
Izbrannaja glava iz Toma III
Perevod na russkij jazyk

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erschienen 21.10.2021
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The Cologne Commentary on Space Law is a three-volume annotation on the written norms of space law as enunciated through the Treaties of the United Nations and its General Assembly Resolutions. The evolution of a considerable body of international space legislation has been supplemented with various national space laws and regulations in order to implement the international legal framework in the practice of space business. The Cologne Commentary on Space Law aims to provide a genuine and concrete contribution to awareness-building on Space Law and to its implementation in practice.

The present publication is the Russian translation of the chapter on NPS Principles (UNGA Resolution 47/68 of 14 December 1992) and the NPS Safety Framework of CoCoSL Volume III. Those 1992 Principles relevant to the use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space and the Safety Framework for Nuclear Power Source Applications in Outer Space (UNGA A/AC.105/934 of 19 May 2009) are the relevant norms for deep space missions using NPS sources. The idea of a Russian publication of the annotated NPS norms was initiated by team members of the EU funded European-Russian DEMOCRITOS project from the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation “Research Center named after M.V. Keldysh” in Moscow and the German Aerospace Center DLR. In the frame of the DEMOCRITOS project, for the first time, the International Nuclear Power and Propulsion Systems (INPPS) flagship was designed. This demonstrates the practical relevance of the NPS technologies and of the relevant NPS norms. The effectiveness of the international legal framework depends on its national implementation and the focal point here is the practical side of project management. This is in line with the long-term sustainability of outer space activities.

(Russische Ausgabe | Russian edition)