The 4Ps in Marketing-Mix

Pepels, Werner

The 4Ps in Marketing-Mix

A German perspective

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“The 4 Ps in Marketing-Mix” are part of each marketer’s basic knowledge of the subject. Marketing expert Werner Pepels explains the individual instruments of the marketing mix:

• Product policy (product marketing, performance mix and program design),
• Pricing policy (countervalue mix and effective pricing),
• Promotion policy (classical advertising, online media mix and non-classical advertising),
• Placing policy (distribution mix and sales operations).

Theory-based explanations are combined with practice-oriented applications. In accordance with the chosen perspective, the examples given refer to the German market situation. The text is supported by numerous illustrations in overview form.
The textbook is aimed at students of business administration (“BWL”) with a focus on marketing. In particular, it is also intended for foreign students who want to learn more about the marketing mix in a language they are familiar with, as well as for marketing managers with an international background and/or English as their working language.

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The author
Prof. Werner Pepels, born 1952, twelve years as a marketing consultant, 27 years as a university lecturer in business administration, studied business and economics, both with diploma degrees. Numerous textbooks and other publications.