Redler, Jörn


Principles of Customer-Centric Business Management

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ISBN 978-3-8305-4357-2
erschienen 01.02.2022
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Marketing: Principles of Customer-Centric Business Management is a concise text for undergraduate introductory marketing courses. It gives insight into the most important areas of the discipline and brings together theory and practical perspectives.

The contents:
– Marketing as an applied science
– Marketing planning
– Objectives and strategies in marketing
– Buyer behaviour
– Market research
– Brand, product, sales, pricing, sales promotions and market communications decisions
– Marketing programme coordination

This textbook is distinctive for several reasons: it builds on a comprehensive section on customer behaviour and takes up behavioural perspectives for an analysis of contemporary marketing, it emphasizes qualitative methods in all areas of market research, and it connects the chapters with a marketing plan activity that encourages students to progressively develop a marketing plan for a product of their own choosing.

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