Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa

Bob, Urmilla; Bronkhorst, Salomé (eds.)

Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa

Reihe Climate Diplomacy Series
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erschienen 08.09.2014
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Climate change affects and will affect livelihood resources and options in Africa, especially among the poor, through changes in temperatures, rainfall, sea levels and ocean acidification. This book focuses on conflict-sensitivity in African climate change adaptation and brings together the voices of academics, practitioners and policymakers from across the globe and Africa. Key questions that frame the contributions are: how does climate change and/or climate adaptation projects cause or contribute to conflicts, and how can adaptation measures be conflict-sensitive? Extensive research provides insight into climate change effects and mitigation and adaption strategies – often in conflict prone or post-conflict states. Further, drawing on African experiences, the highly multidisciplinary nature of the policy and practice of conflict-sensitive adaptation (for example, the need for adaptation to include development, environment and peacebuilding considerations) emerges. As a result, this book provides compelling analyses and recommendations for the development of conflict-sensitive adaptation tools and policies.

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