The Baltic Sea Region: A Comprehensive Guide

Henningsen, Bernd; Etzold, Tobias; Hanne, Krister (eds.)

The Baltic Sea Region: A Comprehensive Guide

History, Politics, Culture and Economy of a European Role Model

Reihe The Baltic Sea Region-Nordic Dimensions-European Perspectives, Band-Nr. 17
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ISBN 978-3-8305-1727-6
erschienen 15.09.2017
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The Baltic Sea Region, at the crossroads between East and West, North and South, has long been marked by cultural, ethnical and ideological borders. Overcoming a history of conflict and separation, since the end of the Cold War the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea established widely valued formats of regional cooperation based on shared challenges and opportunities. In comparison with larger regions, however, the Baltic Sea Area is still a blank spot on the global map. This volume’s intention is to fill this spot with colour and facts. It provides students, young researchers and other interested parties with basic knowledge of the region. The volume offers a comprehensive introduction into its history, politics, economy and culture, taking into account the various countries’ commonalities and differences. By introducing concepts of regionalism and region-building, as well as analysing the structures of regional cooperation the authors and editors demonstrate the Baltic Sea Area’s model function as a European macro-region.

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Die Herausgeber
Prof. Dr. Bernd Henningsen, Politikwissenschaftler und Skandinavist, Gründungsprofessor und langjähriger Institutsdirektor des Nordeuropa-Instituts der Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

Dr. Tobias Etzold, Politikwissenschaftler, wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Forschungsgruppe EU/Europa bei der Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) in Berlin.

Krister Hanne, Politikwissenschaftler und Skandinavist, wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Nordeuropa-Institut der Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
"Insgesamt präsentiert sich ein anregendes und äußerst hilfreiches Kompendium für alle jene, die über die gegenwärtige Situation im Ostseeraum möglichst rasch mehr erfahren wollen, als das, was der Tagesjournalismus zu dieser Thematik zu bieten hat."
– Christian Ostersehlte, Das Historisch-Politische Buch, Jahrgang 67 Heft 1

"A well-written introduction to the BSR that will be useful to students and others seeking core information about the region. The very fact that this volume brings together the various BSR states into a common humanitarian and social science analysis makes it an important contribution to the scholarly dimension of the region-building project that it seeks to analyse."
– Daunis Auers, Nordost-Archiv, 28/2019