International and National Prosecution of Crimes Under International Law

Fischer, Horst; Kreß, Claus; Lüder, Sascha Rolf (eds.)

International and National Prosecution of Crimes Under International Law

Current Developments

Reihe Bochumer Schriften zur Friedenssicherheit und zum Humanitären Völkerrecht, Band-Nr. 44
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The adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on 17 July 1998 is widely seen as the starting point for a new phase in the history of international criminal justice. In the course of the almost two and a half years following the break-through of Rome very significant developments have taken place both at the international and at the national level. They include the submission by the Prepara-tory Commission for the International Criminal Court of Draft Rules of Procedure and Evidence and Draft Elements of Crimes, important judicial pronouncements by the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and an increasing amount of national case law on the prosecution of crimes under interna-tional law.

This book presents and analyses these post-Rome developments. It contains a comprehensive insider’s account of the negotiations on the Draft Rules of Procedure and Evidence and the Draft Elements of Crimes, a thorough appraisal of the evolving jurisprudence of the two Ad Hoc Tribunals by officials of the two Tribunals and by distinguished academics, and detailed expert commentaries on the most recent national case law in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Senegal, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Professor Dr. Horst Fischer is Academic Director of the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, University of Bochum, and Professor of International Humanitarian Law, University of Leiden; Dr. Claus Kreß is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, University of Cologne; Sascha Rolf Lüder is Counsellor at the General Representative of the Johanniter Order to the European Union, Brussels.